An affordable solution to prevent disaster, protect
your home, and save money by saving water.

H2know by Conservation Labs can be installed in minutes and help you better manage your water consumption and protect your home the same day. Our goal is to help you save over $200 every year in water-related expense. All for about $100.

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Easy To Set Up


After you connect to your WiFi and download the app, simply set or attach H2know to your main water line. In about 10 minutes your household water use is monitored and you will have money-saving insights and leak detection in the palm of your hand.


Do You H2know?


H2know App Features

  • H2know app - Critical Leak Alert
  • H2know app - Critical Leak Report
  • H2know app - Potential Leak Alert
  • H2know app - Potential Leak Report
  • H2know app - Adjust Your Goal
  • H2know app - app Home screen
  • H2know app - Monthly Usage Report
  • H2know app - Weekly Usage Appliances

"We installed H2know at Chatham University and
we were able to see insights about our water consumption
that were previously unavailable.

Our team is excited about the value of the product not only here but for homeowners and businesses."

– Dr. Thomas Macagno

Empower Your Decisions

The New H2Know App

By Conservation Labs

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About Conservation Labs

Conservation Labs was founded to help you save money and better manage our natural resources. We want to put an end to expensive water damage and find ways to reduce your water-related expenses. We are a team of mathematicians and engineers with a long history of solving complex and multibillion-dollar challenges. This is our big challenge: there are nearly 2 trillion gallons of water wasted each year in the U.S. alone, costing us $40 billion. With water, a little knowledge goes a long way. H2know helps you save money and improve our water use.
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